Top Information Technology (IT) Companies in India

Best Top IT (Information & Technology) Companies in India:

IT companies regarding growth very rapidly. There are to much top IT (Information Technology) companies in India. In this generation, IT companies are continuing to the increase of technologies and it’s not just in India but worldwide. Indian IT is among top targets for software outsourcing, serving not just local India but also globally. Amazing and top most IT companies in India are Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Wipro developed by HCL, and last but not list Oracle.

Here is the list of the best top 10 IT (Information Technology) companies in India for which you were looking for, we’ve compiled the list of best IT companies in India.

1. TCS – Tata Consultancy Services
The 1st software service provider in India. The company with revenue of $19.1 billion in 2017. One of the top 10 world’s largest IT services firms, Tata Consultancy Services. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) makes approximately 72% of the profits for Tata and their Sons and are one of the global leaders in the IT sector.

# Chief executive officer: Natarajan Chandrasekaran
# Founded: 1968
# Revenue: 15.5 billion USD (2015)
# Headquarters: Mumbai
# Market Capitalisation: Rs. 487919.14 Crore
# Founders: J. R. D. Tata, F. C. Kohli
# Parent organization: Tata Group
# Subsidiaries: CMC, TCS China, Computational Research Laboratories
# Net Profit: Rs. 18474.92 Cr
# Revenue: Rs. 64672.93 Cr

Several joint study and development plans are also being done by Tata Consultancy Services. Tata Consultancy Services has close to 45,999+ employe, which is one of the highest in the globe. All of those their products, the most and much efficient for business are CHROMA, ignio, TCS iON, TAP, TCS MasterCraft, Customer Intelligence & Insights, Intelligent Urban Exchange, Optumera, TCS BaNCS, and TCS Cloud Plus. It has 301+ offices across the 50+ country and 150 distribution centers in 30 countries. This company has an approximate worth revenue of INR 98,192 cr in the last four quarters. It also has been 19+ innovation centers labs in 4 countries and has a connection with leading institutes like IITs, NIT, MIT, CMU, etc.

2. Infosys
The company is Indian Multinational Corporation and it has around 49+ offices over the worldwide and has a huge amount of delivery centers at so many strategic locations center across the world.

# Chief executive officer: Vishal Sikka
# Founded: July 2, 1981, Pune
# Headquarters: Bengaluru
# Founders: N. R. Narayana Murthy, K. Dinesh, Nandan Nilekani, Ashok Arora, S. D.                             Shibulal, Kris Gopalakrishnan, N. S. Raghavan
# Subsidiaries: Infosys BPO Limited, Panaya, Lodestone Management Consultants, Infosys                         Australia, Infosys China,
# Market Capitalisation: Rs. 221528.83 Crore
# Net Profit: Rs. 10195 Cr
# Revenue: Rs. 44349 Cr
#Specialties: IT solutions and services, products and platforms, engineering services,                              Cloud services, AI, Digital, Big Data, Blockchain, business applications.

Infosys with all its subsidiary, like Infosys BPM, provides end-to-end solutions for a variety of business areas. For the implementation of digital solutions, the company supplies clients with different platforms. It is also CPMM Level 5 certified in 1999. The Company has a total revenue approximate Indian rupees 60,878 cr in the last 4 points and taskforce of over 200,000 employees.

3. Tech Mahindra
Being a part of the Tech Mahindra Group, it is not surprising, that Mahindra group can become one of the best IT companies in India.

#Headquarters: Pune, India
# Founded: 1986
#Employee Strength: 117225
# Revenue: Rs. 16296.1 Cr
# Net Profit: Rs. 2686.5 Cr
# Market Capitalisation: Rs. 58622.88 Cr
# CEO: CP Gurnani

The worldwide IT companies giant aims at developing a sustainable aggressive benefit for their buyers, and it has a workforce of 100,000+ forms across 100+ countries. To drive and boost business into the new digital era, Tech Mahindra practices customer-centric technologies and tools, and provides highly-integrated and flexible platforms:

4. Wipro
Wipro demerged its non-Information and Technology business into separate entities and award-winning company with a unique approach to transforming the business into the digital environment.

# Chief executive officer: Abidali Z. Neemuchwala
#Employee Strength: 166780
# Founder: M.H. Hasham Premji
# Founded: December 29, 1945, India
# Headquarters: Bengaluru
# Revenue: Rs. 38757.5 Cr
# Net Profit: Rs. 7386.4 Cr
# Market Capitalisation: Rs. 132380.82 Cr

The main Headquartered of Wipro in Bengaluru, India it is managed by Azim Premji, It was the first software company to get SEI CMMI Level 5 back in 2002. Wipro plans and drives an as a Service solution, powered by mechanization, advanced analytics features, Cloud and security, social & other emerging digital technologies, and strong to secure agility, extensibility, standardization for businesses. The Company has a approximate and final but as total revenue of Indian rupee 44,910 cr in the last 4 quarters.

5. HCL Technologies
The HCL Technologies is among India’s top advertising companies. HCL Technologies like nobody else will help to transform and shift businesses into a new digital environment.

#Founded: 1976 by Mr. Shiv Nadar
#Headquartered: Noida, India.
# CEO: Anant Gupta
# Headquarters: Noida
# Date founded: November 12, 1991
# Founders: Arjun Malhotra, Shiv Nadar
# Parent organization: HCL Enterprise
# Revenue: Rs. 16497.58 Cr
# Net Profit: Rs. 5984.85 Cr
# Market Capitalisation: Rs. 129933.48 Cr

The company has a presence in all major countries with its 34 offices. Its offices are in all leading countries including France, Germany, United States, European, Northern Ireland, etc. HCL is operating in various sectors.

The Specializations of these companies is the application development and Support & maintenance, software testing, product testing, and engineering, finance and accounting services department, digital & content services, and also works on cyber-security. HCL is amongst the top biggest businesses in India with a business cap of a little extra USD 20 billion. The organization along with its subsidiaries had an income of $7.5 (billion).

6. Oracle Financial Services
It is a major part of the Oracle Financial Services Global Business Unit. This multinational firm comes into the list of Top best IT companies in India. The company Oracle was started for developing cloud engineering systems, database software and technology, and enterprise software products. Its headquarter is located in Redwood City, California.

# CEO: Chaitanya M. Kamat
# Headquarters: Mumbai
# Founder: Rajesh Hukku
# Founded: 1991
# Acquisition date: August 2005
# Parent organization: Oracle Corporation
# Revenue: Rs. 3159.97 Cr
# Net Profit: Rs. 1148.45 Cr
# Market Capitalisation: Rs. 29539.11 Cr

Over the years, As a part of its rebranding in 2008, the company’s website was mixed with Oracle’s and also the divisions. Oracle monetary Services has been among the highest IT corporations in an Asian country. The services were adjusted thereupon of Oracle. The corporate team a suggestion over 8500+ individuals and has had a revenue of agency three,796 chromium over the last four quarters.




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